Wednesday, December 7, 2011

holiday crafting ideas & roundup!

 *this was originally posted this week on luvinthemommyhood but i thought those of you popping in over here on versus might like it too :)

i don't know about you guys but i'm in full on christmas crafting mode!  i thought i would give you all a hand and remind of you the fun roundups we had last season to help keep us inspired and a tad less stressed for the holidays.

wreath roundup
garland roundup
christmas stocking roundup
remember my my paper wreath?   i still have up what was my fave christmas craft from last year. i turned it from a wreath (paper leaves taped onto a cardboard base made from a pizza into a mirror.  easy peasy and one of my fave things in our home.

paper mirror wreath
paper wreath
and just for's some fabulous tutorials from me and other fabulous guest bloggers that would make some wonderful xmas pressies for loved ones :)
1. the mallory cowl pattern 2. the carefree cowl pattern
1. infinity & beyond scarf tutorial
1. sunburst pillow  2. everest: the ultimate knitting needle organizer
1. legwarmers
1. jardain coasters  2. nesting cups
1. lace belt  2. dad's tie to gadget case  3. the buff cuff  4. organic dishcloths
to find more fun roundups to get inspiration from check out all of my link luv roundups and theme months here that include a ton of awesome guest posts for adults, babies/kids and your home. alos don't forget to head over to the headquarters of  comfy sews vs cozy knits on "versus". check out both the tutorials and the roundups there too!  lots of goodies galore to be sewn, knit or crocheted!
happy crafting!!!!  i'm hoping to put together another xmas roundup for you all this month...what would you like to see the most?  what is the one thing you make for xmas decor every year?


  1. My what a lovely blog. There is so much to see and be inspired by. I'm excited that I found you. I just purchased a new sewing machine and I was out looking for fresh ideas when I found your amazing site.
    At the moment I am posting a tour of my humble little studio and having a $25 Amazon Gift Card Give-A-way. Please visit and enjoy the fun.
    I would be delighted to have you as a mutual follower,
    Connie :)


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