What's Versus?  Versus is a virtual boxing match between sewing & knitting!

*Readers vote on roundups of tutorials & patterns based on a theme that has knitting battling it out against sewing. Crochet even makes guest appearances!

*In between "matches" influential & inspiring bloggers join in with tutorials & patterns trying to get knitters to sew or sewers to knit!

Sound fun?  It sure is! Want to chat Versus?  You can contact us via email at  versusmagazines@gmail.com or luvinthemommyhood@yahoo.ca for rates and statistics.

Want even more?  Versus is also hoping to premier as an e-mag sometime this year featuring all the patterns/tutorials for the spring/summer season for easy download for readers.

Which corner of the ring will you be in?  Don't miss out on this fun crafty event for readers who truly love their craft of choice!

You can also find more crafty goodness over on my other blog www.luvinthemommyhood.com - a fun, friendly neighbourhood for crafty moms!

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