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Crochet Nesting Cups Tutorial with Lorajean from Lorajean's Magazine

our next guest this week is a blogger who i have to admit, i've stalked her blog for a while and never left a comment. yes, i know...i'm a bad blog reader sometimes. when i started planning this month's theme month though i just knew i had to ask her. she crochets, sews, cooks, crafts, name it - she does it and i love it. lorajean from the lovely blog "lorajean's magazine" is here today to throw her voice into the ring and side on our friend "cushy crochet"!

i heart crochet. i don't get to do it as often as i would like. it's funny because sometimes i find people are more scared of crochet than they are of knitting or sewing when i find it's actually quite simple, less time consuming and a very rewarding craft. plus you can make the best blankies ever!

lorajeans magazine is filled with eye candy galore, inspiration, vintage goodness, tutorials and eye catching photography. take a look...

so crafty...

so pretty...

and so yummy!

want some more? let's hear from lorajean...

Hi everyone! Lorajean here from Lorajean’s Magazine. First off, I just wanted to say how truly honored I am to be a part of such an amazing group of talented bloggers! Last season I was drooling over all the great tutorials. Seriously, I wanted to make all the Comfy Sews and Cozy Knits! :) In deciding what to make for this season, I soon realized I was in the ring with myself, battling it out, fighting over what side I wanted to be on. I love knitting and I love sewing. Well, crochet always gets the shaft, so I thought I would stand in the Crochet Corner in the verses ring! Knitters are always getting all the attention and it’s high time we had a duel! So, what do you say fellow crocheters, shall we hold our hooks high and fight? Lets start stitching! (Now I have the dueling song stuck in my head. You know, the one from Micky Mouses “Ye Olden Days”, circa 1933.

“We’re gonna’ have a duel, we’re gonna’ have a duel,

“we’re gonna’ have a duel, we’re gonna’ have a duel”). :)

For my tutorial I am doing three crocheted nesting cups. I am super excited to share this pattern with you! It is super easy so even beginners can make these. They are great for stashing those random nick knacks, or, dare I say it, sewing notions! *gasp* ha ha! :) They are so cute, and fun for kids too. My 6 year old daughter keeps asking when I’m making hers so she can store all her trinkets too. :)

The pattern is basically the same for each cup. All that is different is the number of starting stitches and rows for each size. To add pattern I made stripes by changing colors after a few rows.

Here is what you need to get started

Hook size

I used US H 8 / 5.00mm


medium 4 weight

in three different colors

Here is a key for all the abbreviations I use:

dc = double crochet

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

beg = beginning

rnd = round

-Lets get started-

Ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Rnd 1) ch 2 for first dc, *7dc in ring, sl st to top of beg ch.

*8 stitches, counting the ch2 = Sm

10 stitches, counting the ch2 = Med

12 stitches, counting the ch2 = Lg

Rnd 2) ch 2 for first dc, 2 dc in each dc, sl st to top of beg ch.

Rnd 3) ch 2 for first dc, 2 dc, in each dc, sl st to top of beg ch.

Rnd 4) ch 2 for first dc, 1 dc into back loop of each dc, sl st to top of beg ch. See photo below.

(Stitching into the back loop creates a nice edge to the base of the cups.)

Rnd 5) ch 2 for first dc, 1 dc in each dc, sl st to top of beg ch.

For all consecutive rounds, repeat Rnd 5 and fasted off.

Sm) 5 pink rnds ,1 orange, 1 beige. 7 rounds total.

Med) 6 pink rnds, 2 orange, 1 beige. 9 rounds total.

Lg) 7 pink rnds, 3 orange, 2 beige. 12 rounds total.

So that's it! :) Super easy right?! Now you can go fill yours up with stuff!

Mine are on my sewing table. The large one holds my threads, the medium one holds my buttons, and the small one holds my measuring tapes and a few random strands of embroidery floss.

This was fun! Thanks so much Shannon for having me!

thank you for joining in lorajean and for whipping out the crochet! you rock! make sure you all pop over to lorajean's magazine and say a big hello for me!

do you crochet? what's your fave crochet pattern? what colors would you make these nesting cups in? i can't wait to whip some up!


    I'm totally that obnoxious parent in the stands at an event who is the only. one. yelling.

  2. gimme a C!
    gimme an R!
    gimme an O!
    gimme a C!
    gimme an H!
    gimme an E!
    gimme a T!

    let's hear it for CROCHET!!

  3. @Laura you are not alone! I am yee-hawing right along with you!
    I made something similar for Noelle's buttons/treasures but i didn't think about the blo edging at the bottom! I love the stripes, I can't wait to make more! Exclamation points! Everywhere!

  4. I'm super excited for some crochet too! Yippee! Glad you guys like the nesting cups! I knew you fellow crocheters would be happy :P

  5. Yes please!!! lovin' the crochet!

  6. Another Happy Hooker Here!!!! WHOOOTT!!
    When I saw the buttons, it was like "DING"!! OMG! I have been trying to find a way to organize my buttons! :D

  7. Thanks so much Shannon. You are too kind. I am posting this comment from my vacation where I was planning on being free from computers, but here I am sneaking a peek at your way too nice intro. Thank you so much for inviting me to participate! It was a blast!

  8. These are so great! I just tried re-teaching myself crochet so I could make didn't work but one of these days I will teach my fingers to stop trying to knit when I pick up a crochet hook. :(

  9. Hi!

    I just wanted to let you know I referenced your DIY in my blog post today! Here's the link:



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