Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Organic Cotton Facecloth Tutorial with Guest Melynda of French Press Knits

it's time for some knitting ladies! get those needles out. turn the sewing machine off and welcome one of my fave knitty gals melynda of "french press knits"! she's back again this year to support her craft of choice and i'm super excited to have her! whether you're looking for the best pair of slippers EVER, a stylish cowl, hat or wrap - the lovely melynda is your gal!

this super talented knitter is also a new momma. i keep finding myself squealing each time she posts some of the knitted pretties she's whipping up for her gorgeous new baby girl. what a lucky little lady :)

so start thinking cozy...

the knits are joining in!!!

let's hear from melynda...

Ok, ok. I know what you're thinking: "What's this crazy knitter doing here? It's Spring. Time to dust off the sewing machine and put the knitting needles away."

Maybe you aren't thinking this, but there was a time when every spring meant knitting season was over for me. I was what you would call a "fair-weather knitter" (and in this case, fair-weather would actually mean weather of a chilly variety). But, in the past few years I have abandon my wayward ways to become a die-hard knitter, and along the way, I've learned that knitting works in all seasons.From shawlettes, lightweight cardis, socks, and baby projects (and not to mention stocking up for those colder months)- summer knitting has become a necessity.

Recently I had a yarn open house at my abode and was floored with the generosity of other knitters. For the first time in my life I received hostess gifts. Maybe it's something our generation doesn't do a lot of, but receiving simple gifts was such a joy that I would like to start doing it as well. One gift I received was a couple of handknit cotton dishcloths and fancy dishsoap. I loved it- so rare to have someone knit me a gift, so it was very much appreciated.

So, today I share a simple Organic Cotton Face Cloth Tutorial- inspried by the gift I received (perhaps a little way to 'pay it forward'). Paired with handmade soap, fancy dish detergent, or a shower gel, this little hostess gift is a cinch!


1/4 skein of your favorite Organic Cotton Yarn

Size US 8 Needles


Cast on 24 stitches

Row 1: (k1, p1) repeat to end of row

Row 2: (p1, k1) repeat to end of row

When cloth measures 8" (or desired length) bind off.

Make a few and tie off with ribbon or twine for a gift (or just bypass the presentation and keep them for yourself!).

See what I mean: Easy-peasy, right? The cotton yarn combined with moss stitch is just the right balance of softness and texture- perfect for scrubbing you, your pots and pans, or your baby- enjoy!

thanks so much melynda! this is fabulous! i can definitely use a whole whack of these! what a great idea also for a gift as well!

want some more french press knits? you guys can find more melynda here:

*facebook *twitter *ravelry *etsy shop *blog

are you a dishcloth/facecloth addict? what's your fave pattern to make? i love the idea of using moss stitch for the cloth - so soft and the texture just looks fab as well. let's have some knit chat ladies!


  1. Lovely! I have a huge assortment of hand knit cotton cloths from my Oma, before she passed away she would just knit and knit and knit them. She sent us a whole big boxful when we got married, I couldn't get over how many. I'm one of literally hundreds of grandkids! (there's a long story involving two sets of stepkids in there, that winds up with my oma and opa raising 18 yours, mine, and ours kids together)

  2. I am a big washcloth fan as well! I got into making them not too long ago and have sold a bunch and given them away as gifts! There are so many great patterns on Ravelry- I especially like the ones where you make 3 different varieties (so you never get bored!). They are so instantly gratifying and are so colorful!

  3. ohmygosh, YAY! i just took a knitting 101 class (it finished up last night) and i can ACTUALLY do this pattern!

    thanks for the tut!

  4. I can't knit to save my life... almost killed the cat when I got frusterated and threw the needles. I am taking a class at the end of the month, hope it helps, but I crochet my heart out!

  5. Glad to hear a few of you are taking knitting classes! Woot woot! I love it when people start knitting - so fun!

    Alisa - don't give up. If you can crochet you can definitely knit :) Trust me.

    Catie - You go kick some facecloth butt girl! You are gonna do fab!

  6. I love the look of moss/seed stitch so much! I made a big cozy eternity scarf out of leftover yarn I made a baby blanket out of. Needless to say, it's amazing and soft and would definitely make the perfect washcloths! Love the colors Melynda chose, too!

  7. Kathiwright5@gmail.comApril 14, 2011 at 6:00 AM

    Here I come, Stash!! I'm sure there's some organic cotton in there somewhere! Can't wait to do up a bunch for gifts to my GUESTS when they come for Easter dinner!!!!

  8. This is great! I just learned to knit and so far can only make scarves! Now I can make cloths too! Thanks!

  9. Wow!! Fantastic work from thread. Really amazing work. very nice.

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I shared your gorgeous knit washers on my blog in this post:


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