Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Round One - Comfy Sews VS Cozy Knits Tops & Frocks Roundup (Part 1)

1. isolde 2. diy pleated dress

yippee ladies! it's time for us all to get back in the ring for our first round of friendly boxing! for our first bout we've got tops & frocks! i've compiled some of my fave pretty knitting & sewing patterns/tutorials for spring & summer! my list was so big that i've actually had to split it up into two posts! so this is part 1. today you will be voting for your fave dresses! who's it gonna be.....comfy sews or cozy knits? let the match begin....


(the patterns shown for knits are all found on ravelry. you can find me on there under imstitched.)

alrighty ladies...don't forget to vote! (here's the direct link to vote in case the poll has a glitch)

ohhhh...this one is so tough......i'm leaning towards knits this round but that's because i've been in a knitting mood lately. i was also very pleasantly surprised by the amount of stylish & modern knit dresses out there right now! i could have done 3 posts on those alone! which side are you voting on?

feeling inspired? ready to get out your machine or your needles? stay tuned for our next guest tutorial up tomorrow!!! we've got lots of fun planned for you all!!! also make sure to link up your favorite knitting & sewing patterns/tutorials in the comments below and i will add them in to reader faves in this post! i love hearing what you all are loving as well!


  1. Holy frock, those are some great knits! I voted knits because, as a full figured gal, the knits here would be more flattering on me.

  2. WOWZA! Love them all! I can't pick. I think I like more knits than sews, but I'm pretty sure it would take one meeeeeeeeeeeellion years to make the dresses I like more, the sews would be one or two nights and BAM! beautiful.
    PS, how much do i LOVE that you did a dresses roundup?
    SO MUCH! SO, SO MUCH! I love dresses in spring/summer!

  3. I'm not quite sure which one to vote for quite yet since I'm still trying to make up my mind! But... the pattern for the little black dress under the knits section isn't available anymore. I'm usually more of a t-shirt & jeans kind of girl, but for that one, I could've made an exception (and a very happy hubby.) Is there anywhere else to get it, or at least something similar?

  4. I'm surprised at the knit frocks. I never even considered knitting a dress out of fear of being too matronly. I was wrong- cute knit dresses added to my faves on Ravelry!

  5. I love the knitted frocks! That you used the word frocks and that this round up is so AWESOME! I voted knits, although I'm not sure I'll ever get around to knitting one for myself…so much time…but Elsbeth, she is much smaller ;)

  6. Michelle - Oh no, that sucks. I missed that. Hopefully she releases it soon. You could always write a comment to her or check in the forums if anyone can email you a copy since it was free.

    Glad you ladies are all enjoyed it! I'm in the mood to knit a dress too!

  7. I actually haave most of the knits you picked in my ravelry favorites! Maybe this will help motivate me to start one!


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